Who Am I?

My name is Sami Kalman and here, you will learn a little bit about me and my life. I am currently a sophomore at Drake University. The original route I was planning on taking was to graduate from the college of business at Drake University with my bachelor’s in Marketing, but I found that my interest was somewhere else. That somewhere else is Advertising and Women & Gender Studies.


I am from Shakopee, Minnesota a city in the southern part of Minnesota. Growing up I attended 2 different private schools, The International School of Minnesota and Benilde-St.Margaret’s. 15 years of my life were not only dedicated to academics but also competitive dance.
Dance Arts Centre was my second home for 13 years but soon enough the last 2 years, Benilde-St. Margaret’s Dance Team became my new home. Being a competitive dancer I attended many competitions, meets, and conferences, and some of those times I was announced the winner of Grand Nationals and State winner.
Dance took up a significant amount of time in my life but I made sure that I was also involved in other extracurriculars. I was a LinkCrew Leader, apart of a club called Knightlife which is a sober club to ensure Benilde-St. Margaret’s is a safe environment. Lastly, I joined theater and I was in my element, to say the least.
Outside of school, I found myself enjoying the little things that life had to offer as well as some of the larger components. Considering I was at dance 6 days a week and it ended at 9:30 pm most nights, I didn’t have time to be with my family. When Saturdays and Sundays came along my family and I would enjoy walks around Minnehaha Falls, Board & Brush which is similar to Wine & Canvas as well as plenty of game nights.
Friends were also an important aspect of my life and when I wasn’t busy with extracurriculars or with family, I would be found with my friends. We were either shopping, going out for meals, having a night out on the town, or simply having a movie night. Anything I was doing, I enjoyed.
When I came to college I knew that I wanted to be involved in Sorority & Fraternity Life because it would offer me a wide range of opportunities. I am now in Alpha Phi and I can say with all confidence that I wouldn’t be where I am today without the guidance and help from my sisters. It sounds cheesy but it is the truth. Being a part of a sisterhood like Alpha Phi, they have helped me out of my lowest lows and been with me during my highest highs.

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