Alpha Phi

Why did I choose to join a sorority?

I chose to join a sorority because I knew it would be an awesome way to create bonds I knew were necessary in order to see myself grow. The connections I would make in this chapter would be necessary and have a great impact on my present self and future. Being at college I knew I’d face difficulties as anyone would but I knew having such strong people surrounding and helping me, I’d have no issue getting on track.

What is my part in Alpha Phi?

My position in Alpha Phi is Director of Sisterhood and my end goal is to provide a safe yet fun-filled year through our sisterhood events. We have had two successful events this Spring 2021 semester. The first event held was at a movie theater. Our attendance was around 50 people and in our rented out theater we got to watch ‘Promising Young Woman’, which was outstanding. The second event was a bonfire with s’mores, hotdogs, and drinks in the parking lot of the Alpha Phi house. Each event was special and memorable which is yet another goal I have during these times.

What future events do I have planned?

In this position, it is important to plan ahead especially when you are unsure whether your event will be approved or not. The first off-campus event in a year was our movie sisterhood and I know not only for myself but those in my chapter love getting away. Our third event will hopefully be at a bowling alley and each team will have personally designed bowling jerseys. As for the following event, it will more so be a week to look forward to doing something different each day. Eventually, I will throw a spirit week in where we get to dress up and share our Alpha Phi spirit whether it be in our house or on campus. In the far yet near future, this summer, we will have a scheduled PowerPoint night which will be a blast.

Where can you find more about our sisterhoods?

Our social media, Instagram, and Facebook are our prime sources. The posts are either shown in posts, stories, or highlights.

We also have our own page where you can not only find more about Sisterhoods but Alpha Phi as a whole.

Joining Alpha Phi was one of the best decisions I have made at Drake University.