Growing Up. High School. College. Life After.

As you may have read on my About Me page I grew up in Shakopee, Minnesota. For school, I attended the International School of Minnesota and Benilde-St. Margaret’s, both college predatory schools. My sport of loving and choosing was dance and I did that competitively for 15 years starting at the age of 3. Outside of school and dance my life consisted of spending time with family, friends, shopping, crafts, and many more activities.

In high school, my days started at 6:30 AM and ended at 2:00 AM. Yes, those times are right. It took me ages to get to school because traffic was always terrible at the hour I would leave. After a full day of school, I had weight lifting and dance practice till 9:30 most nights. By the time I got home, it was close to or if not 10:00 PM and my nights weren’t over yet. On top of my longs days, I had homework that kept me up until 2:00 AM most nights. My weekends were full of conferences, competitions, and practices which meant my free time was limited.

Once I got to college things had changed. I was making new friends, joining an organization, Alpha Phi, doing school work, and finally taking advantage of my free time. I don’t want to explain a lot because I’d love the photos I’ve taken in the past 2 years to tell the story.

Pictures are one of many ways I share my memories. I love the fact that I can take a photo and capture a moment and hold these memories forever. Photos can be interpreted in many ways and the one thing I hope you take from my photos is that these are all some of my happiest times and I hope I portray that. One thing I wish is that there was just as much to share from Sophomore Year as there was from Freshman Year, but COVID-19 has put a halt to all fun events. I am praying that soon enough I’ll be able to update my page with much more content to show how well life is treating me, sometimes these photos don’t do their justice!